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Keep your phone number unlisted and unpublished

So you just deleted your phone number from all these databases; but if you have your phone number listed or publishable from your phone company, they will share it with other companies again. It won't take long before it starts to show up on these websites and databases once more.

When a phone number is publishable, it means your phone company can sell your information to other companies. When a phone number is unlisted, that means your number can still be sold or shared, but it won't be listed in a telephone directory (your telephone company's own directory, or a directory to where your number has been sold).

If you're interested in keeping your phone number unpublished and unlisted, it's fairly simple. Here's what to do:

1) When you sign up for a new phone service, they will give you the option of publishing your phone number AND making it listed or unlisted. Choose "Unpublished" AND "Unlisted." If there is no check box or line for making it non-publishable, then write your request in and verbally tell them you do not want it published in their directories. Your customer service representative may either "unpublish" the number there or will point you to the correct contact person at the company.

2) If you want to change an existing phone number that was listed or publishable, then call your phone service provider. Confirm with them that it's your account, then request that your phone number is made "Unpublishable" and "Unlisted."

The Do Not Call Registry

If you are receiving too many telemarketer calls, check out the national Do Not Call Registry.

You can place your cell phone and/or landline number on the list in one of two ways: visit and be sure to acknowledge the confirmation email, or call (888) 382-1222 and follow their directions.

All persons with a U.S. phone account are allowed to have their phone numbers placed on the Do Not Call Registry. Please allow 31 days from registration confirmation for telemarketers to cease calling. Registry enrollment is valid for 5 years.

One last thing: it is against the law for telemarketers to call cell phones... if it happens to you, tell them they are calling a cell phone and they have to remove you from their call list.

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